April 10, 2017

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Company Registration under MSME

Company Registration under MSME

Green Energy Commitment

Green Energy Commitment

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 Registration With MNRE


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Renowab Energi is one of the country’s leading designers and installers of utility scale solar plant as well as solar roof top systems with utmost quality and skilled manpower.

We identify unused or unproductive land and roof spaces of clients and help in improving clients’ financial and environmental performance.

We believe in designing systems that yields maximum generation with minimum losses, leading to reduced electricity costs, lower carbon footprints and increased revenues. The returns may go upto 40% in actual.

Our Services include

Land acquisition for Developers
Solar Advisory, consulting and project structuring for reputed corporate houses
Multi KW scale rooftop solutions for commercial establishments across India
Advisory for Solar water pumping systems
and many more……

Solar Technology
We integrate our technologies to attain maximum output and maintain the highest standards in
Engineering Design through latest software and validation for
Site analysis using GIS (satellite imaging)
Existing structure analysis and validation for load
Mounting structure design (Fixed / Tracking /Rooftops)
Foundation/support structural design
Cable routing, earthing and lightning protection system
System design/ engineering for minimum power loss

Equipment Supply of reputed makes
PV Module with RFID tag
Mounting structure
Balance of plant supply
Energy meter as per MNRE / State Govt requirements
Protection as per IEC and IS standards

Civil construction
Erection and commissioning through expert professionals
Monitoring and supervision of O&M activity (Manual / Remote)

Solar EPC

We provide end to end solution for ensuring completion of project from concept to commissioning.
We provide customized and turnkey EPC solutions i.e. Engineering, Procurement and Construction for both On-grid and Off-grid applications and assist in commissioning of the plant.
Post-commissioning of the project; we undertake effective Operation and Maintenance of renewable plants for the complete life of solar plants
Benefit to Developers who develop Solar farms:
To meet their RPO obligations.
To serve as cheaper Captive Renewable energy source
To avail accelerated tax depreciation

Solar Roof-top projects

Under the Net metering policies of various State Govt in the country, we undertake installation of Roof-top Solar PV projects for Industrial and Commercial buildings as well as for large residential complexes.
Why pay electricity bill when you too can generate your own electricity.
From 2015 onwards, Net metering has been introduced in most States, i.e. you pay bill only for difference i.e. ‘consumed units’ minus ‘generated units’.
If your annual power generation is more than the consumption, you will even get paid from DISCOM.

Earlier Concept New Concept
No grid feeding allowed Now, Govt. policy for grid feeding
Panel, Inverter, battery and inverter wiring Only Panel and Inverter, directly connected to supply mains
Load of ACs, coolers, water pumps, motors load to be excluded No change in existing wiring and connected load
Lower life of Solar Panels 25 years guaranteed energy output
Pay back was >10 years Pay back is < 4-5 years
High cost of panel and battery Panel cost reduced and battery is optional
High maintenance due to batteries Panel cleaning once in a month

Fixed energy generation cost for 25 years
Commercial establishments can avail ‘Accelerated Depreciation benefit’ and save 80% tax in the 1st year of installation.
Loan of 70% on the Capex can be availed from the financial institutions.
Roof-top solar plant keeps your terrace cooler, resulting in lesser temperature inside top storey of the building.

Roof Top Applications
Individual Homes
Commercial Offices and Complexes
Schools, Colleges & Institutions
Hotels, Hospitals, Warehouses
Water park and resorts
Advantage Solar
Infinite and free source – SUN
Environment friendly
PV panels (Performance warranty 25 yrs)
Inverter with 5 yrs warranty
Flexible Project capacity and future expansion
Reduced electricity bills year on year, even as the DISCOM tariff escalates
Faster installation 2-3 months
Overview of Solar PV rooftop project

Solar PV converts sunlight (not heat) to generate electricity through a photovoltaic process.
A solar plant consists of,
Solar Panels – These are mounted on the roof and convert sunlight into DC power
Mounting Structures – These, together with its foundation, securely hold the solar panels to the roof of your building even during high wind speeds
Inverter – This converts the generated DC power into AC power.
Balance of Systems (BoS) – All the other components of the solar plant, such as cables, junction boxes, fuses, earthing & lightning protection, etc.
The life of a solar PV plant is 25 years.
The size of solar plant depends on,
1 Electrical load connected,
2. Number of kWh (units) consumption pattern,
3. Extent of shade-free rooftop space available.

Key Financials
A rooftop solar PV plant (without batteries) costs approx. Rs. 70,000 / kW with installation.
1 kW of solar plant generates about 5 kWh of electricity per day on an average over a year.
Total Electricity generated in a year is 5KWh x 365 days = 1,825 units
Total Electricity generated in 25 years lifetime = 1,825 x 25 = 45,625 units
Cost of 1825 units @ Rs 10 per unit is Rs. 18,250/-
So, pay back is (Rs 70,000/Rs. 18,250) = 3.8 years
Per unit cost of generation = (Rs. 70,000/45,625 units) = Rs. 1.53